Fly - Vola verso i tuoi sogni

  • Da Venerdì 21/10 a Domenica 23/10
  • Durata 110 min.
  • € 5.50
  • Cinema Teatro Lux

Bex has caused a serious accident and is therefore in prison. In order to rehabilitate the inmates, the prison offers them a dance class led by Ava. But Bex doesn't want to take part. However, she has no other choice and soon she feels drawn to Jay in particular and they realize that they have much more in common than this dance class. The cohesion within the prisoners of rehabilitation grows, but when Bex's past catches up with them again, everything is in danger.

Venerdì 21/10 21:00 Cinema Teatro Lux Acquista
Domenica 23/10 21:00 Cinema Teatro Lux Acquista
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